Aleksandra (Ola) Hall

Aleksandra (Ola) Hall

I am a PhD researcher at the University of Ghent and part of the “Property and Democratic Citizenship” project. My research focuses mainly on questions of state violence, racism and migrant (in)justice in Britain’s property regime and comes from my commitment to anti-racism.


Through drawing on theories of racial capitalism, postcolonial literature, and critical property research, I interrogate how property regimes rely on historical and renewed forms of racism and racial differentiation. My ethnography follows the journeys of residents living in asylum accommodation and later in temporary housing and the private rental sector. Through looking at the residents’ everyday struggles as well as moments of conflict such as eviction resistance and protests, I examine policies and practices of the state, corporations and landlords that lead to housing dispossession and displacement in Britain, disproportionately affecting Britain’s racialised citizens and non-citizens.

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