Marta Ill-Raga

Marta Ill-Raga

I hold a BA in Political Sciences from Universitat Pompeu Fabra and a Research MA in International Development Studies from Universiteit van Amsterdam. My academic journey and political engagement have always gone hand in hand, marked by a persistent interest in the politics and consequences of accumulation by dispossession in urban settings. 


My research focus for the Property and Democratic Citizenship project lies on the exploitation and inequalities generated by residential rent relations in Spain. I delve into the origins and manifestations of rent in conflict-laden interactions between landlords and tenants. I employ a militant ethnographic approach through my engagement with the Union of Tenants of Barcelona. My research sheds light on how contemporary inequalities materialise along patrimonial lines, affecting housing instability and broader social reproduction strategies at household and societal levels. My research underscores the role of landed property in Spain’s transition towards a post-homeownership society.

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